Be Remarkable

In Seth Godin’s Purple Cow, it is argued that in order for a company to distinguish itself, it must be remarkable.   Andy Sernovitz, founder of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association, and author of Word of Mouth Marketing, takes this idea a step further by breaking down the word “remarkable”.  Andy came and gave a presentation to my company, Bazaarvoice (he sits on our board of advisors) and discussed the word in more detail.  He made a very important point that in order for something to be remarkable, people have to like it enough to make a remark about it.    (Word-of-Mouth)


In my own experience at Bazaarvoice, where I help run the Market Development efforts, we’ve found that the majority of word-of-mouth is positive.   Study after study has confirmed our data which shows that people mostly talk about products and people that they have a positive bias towards. 


How does this apply towards the personal brander? 

The good news is that the chances of people talking negatively about you and your image are pretty low.  The even worse news is that if you don’t stand out in any way, no one will remember you let alone “remark” and spread the word of mouth about you.   People don’t care about the mediocre.  People love to talk about brands they feel passionately about.  In other words, you have to make your brand remarkable!


In the posts to come, I will outline the ways to acheive remarkability. 




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