My 2 Year Anniversary and iPod Touch

My girlfriend and I are celebrating our two year anniversary this Thursday, but last night she surprised me with a gift a little earlier than expected.  I got home from a trip to New Orleans awaiting Apple’s new iPod Touch.  Now as excited as I was, I realized one of two things; she was either too eager to wait until our anniversary night or she was hinting that I need to get her an equally remarkable gift (probably both). 

After testing it and playing around with it all day, I can truly say that I am amazed by the iPod Touch.  Apple does what the best brands in the world do; they listen to their customers, they create innovative products, and they don’t worry about selling.  Apple gives customers exactly what they want and goes above and beyond customers’ expectations.  Apple doesn’t have to sell.  Go into any Apple store and you can play with their products for hours.  Apple is so confident in their product, that they let their quality speak for itself.  When quality meets innovation, you have something special. 

There is definitely something we can all learn from the iPod Touch and Apple, especially how that relates to our own personal brands.  Create a good product that speaks for itself.  Listen to those around you and always improve.  Finally, be confident and don’t be afraid to fail, that’s just input for improving. 



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