Entrepreneurs & Autonomy

Most people who become entrepreneurs because they have an innate confidence in their judgement about the world.   Most of us don’t like to be forced in seeing the world through other people’s lenses. Some people are born into seeing things differently, but others recognize their abilities later.  Maybe they’re working under people who they […]

The Next Chapter of My Career

As of last week, I’ve officially moved on from Perk and into a strategic advisory position with the company.   There are definitely mixed emotions with the change, but it certainly opens me up for additional opportunities moving forward. So many memories and lessons made over the last 6+ years. Having taken the company public to […]

Reading the Tea Leaves

One thing I noticed during my time at my first company was that we were particularly good about was reading the tea leaves of what was coming around the corner.  We looked at the data regularly. It helped us anticipate problems and opportunities faster than most companies and people could fathom. Some people might have said […]

Stay Away From Poison

Just like Adam was tempted by the apple, we sometimes get lured by poisonous ideas or people.  Sometimes those people and ideas are tempting.  Tempting to taste the fruit, and lured by their charm. Fool me once shame on thee, fool me again, shame on me. It’s okay for us to be fooled.  Poisonous thoughts and people […]

Don’t try to win negotiations

I am a believer in win-win situations.   After buying 5 companies and having sold my company in January, I’ve found that the most successful negotiations occur when there is a win-win for both parties. The biggest reason is that in most scenarios a negotiation is the START of a relationship, not the end. Even […]

Anxiety is Momentum

For some, anxiety is paralyzing.  Some people might spend too much time worrying about the wrong issues when they are anxious.  But reframing anxiety as a positive is critical if you are starting your own business because anxiety becomes a constant emotion in the ups and downs of any business. The opposite of anxiety is […]