Whether to Rest or to Run

It is common knowledge that rest helps us recover.  It helps us come back strong.  It’s common knowledge that we take a breather before our next set and rest days to recover between hard days of work. In business, this same logic applies.  People take time off.  They spend time with their families, travel, and […]

February Goal Hit

I’ve reduced my mile time by over 2 minutes in 3 weeks.   My major February goal was to get my mile time under 8 minutes.  A lot of research shows that a man getting their mile run time under 8 minutes is a major health indicator to man’s chances of dying of heart disease. […]

Don’t Skimp on Hiring

My first company I ever started was Perk which recently was sold.  It was about a 6-7 year journey from beginning to end.  While I have hundreds of lessons learned in that time, one of the most important was hiring. Don’t skimp on the hiring process – One of my first jobs out of college […]

How to get what you want

I’ve learned the hard way that getting what you want isn’t about putting yourself first.  It rarely is.  There are all sorts of people around you with their own agendas and NOT thinking about you. People are selfish and while I don’t suggest being selfless, you must know that people are thinking about themselves most of […]