I’m watching The Get Down

Great show so far.  I’m about halfway through the first season. This Netflix show is about the rise of Hip Hop in the Bronx during the late 70s.  This is like a better version of the Broadway show Hairspray.    It’s made by the director of The Great Gatsby and Moulin Rouge, so they definitely […]

My March Reading List

Below is my March reading list.   Really enjoyed all of the reads last month including a couple of non sci-fi books A Man Called Ove and Norse Mythology. For the sci fi books read, I stayed with John Scalzi and started the Off to Be the Wizard Series which was a bunch of fun. Any […]

Sadness is for suckers

Great quote I heard in Netflix’s The Get Down.   The Get Down takes place in the late 70’s Bronx where life was tough and there was no room/time for sadness. Sadness isn’t only for suckers, it’s also a luxury.   Every year in the US, there are twice as many suicides as there are […]

Loyalty = Nepotism

This is a struggle I see often in business where a person can’t make up their mind on whether to be loyal to the people around them vs. simply to be objective and do what’s right for themselves or their business. Somehow they’ve bought into the “loyalty” narrative probably by watching too many organized crime shows and movies. […]

Watch People’s Decision Making Skills

Simple decision making skills tell you all you need to know on whether a person is worth investing in vs. running or whether to stay or leave a team. Does the person make decisions fast or slow? Does the person make decisions thoughtfully or emotionally? You can tell a lot about how someone will handle […]