Ok, Ok, I joined Facebook

After two years of being pushed and prodded to join Facebook, I finally made the plunge Wednesday. I joined briefly at one point 18 months ago, but quickly shut down my account as a former stalker asked me to be her friend.

That was then, this is now. The last two days have been extremely interesting to say the least. In the short period of time since I joined, I got invited to a wedding, found out my mom was on Facebook before I was, and that if I don’t turn off those email notifications, I’ll end up chucking my blackberry across the Rio Grande.

I’m very happy to see a lot of my family and old friends that I haven’t spoken to in ages. While I was a little creeped out about privacy, my old rule about accessibility comes to mind. In the end, I know Facebook will open more doors than it will close, and will open up my brand to more people. If anyone has any Facebook tips, personal branding or not, it would be great to hear them.

As always, feel free to connect with me on Facebook or LinkedIn. (I’m Adam Salamon in the Austin, TX network)




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