Your Digital Word-of-Mouth

It’s not about how good you are.

Word-of-Mouth is the most trusted form of marketing. People rely on the opinions of their trusted friends and family on what to buy, who to hire, and where to go. The way people make decisions in this day and age, has changed. People make decisions based on consensus. It’s the wisdom of the crowds. People are looking to user reviews for products they buy and social networks for people they interact with.

While people still largely rely on these forms of recommendations, the future is moving towards a digitally archived version of word-of-mouth. People are no longer having to rely on “references”, but can refer to your digital footprint; the work you’ve done, the people you are connected to, and the people who reference you. (Bloggers are very aware of this)

The power of your connections no longer lie in the connection alone. Who you know and what you know is becoming more transparent every day. People EXPECT to find this information when looking you up, so not having this information readily available means you aren’t important.

What does your digital network and archive say about you? If you don’t have a digital archive, you don’t have an identity. In short, your digital archive, your digital network, is your word-of-mouth. If your connections aren’t available to those seeking them, you’re not important; you don’t exist. Your digital archive should reflect the fact that the consensus is out, and YOU are worth getting to know.



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