I’m So Sorry!

Check out this article on Yahoo Personal Finance.

“When Zogby’s researchers queried 7,590 Americans, both male and female, they discovered that people who are more willing to say “I’m sorry” make more money than people who rarely or never apologize.”

When I read this, I was hardly surprised.  It’s my opinion that people who apologize regularly, are more socially aware than those who don’t.  Therefore, they are more in tuned to what really makes someone happy rather than someone who always thinks they are right. 

One of the experts, Dr. Marty Nemko suggests that “High earners tend to be more secure”.  Although I agree with the statement, Dr. Nemko suggests that the act of earning more money makes people secure enough to apologize.  I argue that it’s not the money that makes someone secure, but rather the mindset of being secure that allows a person to make more money. 

Either way, this is a fascinating study and should teach you to be more aware of how others are perceiving you.  The more aware you are of your perception and brand, the better off you’ll be….at least monetarily. 



3 thoughts on “I’m So Sorry!

  1. Rebecca, I think a lot of the benefits of being apologetic is having an attitude that says you play well with others.

    It does appease situations! It’s not the best course of action ALL the time, but when you know you’re wrong, it’s great that you at least make the effort.


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