Are you a Resource?

David Cohen, wrote a great blog posting on Adjacencies–that is, complimentary talents or skills that you don’t necessarily have, but can connect people to.  Adjacencies are a powerful tool to have.  When you meet somebody who has a completely different set of talents and expertise then you have, it’s easy to brush that person off because you have nothing to offer each other. 

However, it’s very powerful to be able to connect those people to potential customers or to people who are able to service them. 

The more you connect people together, the more people will remember you as someone who is well connected.  They will remember you as a person who is a resource who can give them answers by your sheer connectedness.  Do you know a great IT guy, plumber, house-keeper, sales guy?  Keep their information handy! 

Next time you meet somebody who you’d think, “ha, we have NOTHING in common.”  Remember, that everyone needs something.  Always message that you can connect them at some point and that you’d appreciate the same.   

Be a resource and always think about how you can provide value.     



3 thoughts on “Are you a Resource?

  1. Adam, I have always believed that it’s better to be a source rather than a resource. A resource can dry out of content but a source is always overflowing with content. Think about it. A river is a resource since it gets it’s water from a source – most of the time a lake or ocean is the source. Rivers frequently dry out but lakes and oceans rarely dry out. I want to be the source – the go-to guy – so that those who are resources for others will come to me for content. What do you think about that?


  2. Herman, I think you are spot on. Most of what I write here is about cultivating your “source” and letting as many people as possible know about what you offer.

    However, few people can offer everything to everyone. So in that case, I think it pays to be a source of information too. In my opinion it just opens more doors for people who need your direct expertise.


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