Personal Branding Summit

Ten years ago, Tom Peters wrote an article for Fast Company which introduced the idea of Personal Branding. It was called ‘The Brand Called You’.   In the ten years since Peters’ famous article, Personal Branding has taken off.  There have been countless books, articles, and interpretations of the subject.

Personal Branding is a movement of sorts.  It is a systematic way of branding yourself the same way good companies have for years.  Personal Branding has turned into a mix of science and art.  It is a way of getting known, creating a name, and an identity.  Personal branding has helped countless entrepreneurs and cubicle warriors around the world figure out their own value proposition, and then helped them express it to the world.

In the biggest event since Peters’ article, and ten years after it was first published, a Telesummit called “A Brand You World” is taking place on November 8th.  Some of the world’s foremost experts on Personal Branding will be in attendance including Guy Kawasaki as the moderator and Andy Sernovitz as a panelist.  The event if free, so definitely make sure to attend.

You can check out the speaker list here.  See you there!


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