“Everybody Markets”

Big thanks to David Cohen for pointing me to this post by Seth Godin. It compliments my previous posts about playing with your phone when you should be paying attention, and my other post about the power of listening. Seth Godin points out that no matter what you’re doing, you’re always being perceived in a certain way. Are you smiling or yawning, because no matter what you do, you are marketing yourself. People are observing you and are making snap judgments.

Today when people split their attention, they look at their iPhone or Blackberry. If you take a look at this historical footage, you can see what people did when they were “disconnected”. Notice how not one person stops to see if they have any text messages. Fascinating.


2 thoughts on ““Everybody Markets”

  1. To be really ‘present’ in the situation you are in, takes a lot of practice. What I mean is to only concentrate on the person you are engaging with, the meeting you are in, your other half, is hard work due to all those other distractions.

    I was at a conference last week, which cost $9000 to attend. Numerous world famous corporates had sent their top business people to the conference. The most annoying thing was the number of the attendees who just sat their texting, playing with their blackberries. I was amazed!



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