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Cut Through The Clutter

Have it your way. Talk all you want. Converse on Twitter. I do it too.

But at the end of the day, results speak for themselves. Networking by conversing on Twitter is plain and simple, a terrible way to network. Look at the top people on Twitter based on followers. The majority of them have created real-life tangible results that are changing the world. Are they using Twitter the same way you are?

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Everywhere I turn these days, I am inundated with advertising. Everybody wants my attention. Brands try to reach me on television, online, when I’m on the bus, listening to the radio, and even when I’m working out in the gym.

Lately, I’ve been swarmed by personal branding. When I’m on Twitter, I feel like a I’ve walked in to a storm of terrible personal branding. Everybody has a platform, wants to be heard, and yells in my ear. It’s like coming to a party where there’s no host, everybody’s screaming, and the only thing that matters is what kind of car you drive, or in Twitter’s case, how many followers you’ve amassed.

I could talk for hours about my wrestle with Twitter. Is it worth my time if I’m trying to have an information-light diet? Is there a real ROI? What is the value if almost everyone on there is selfish and I don’t have any real experiences with 99% of my followers?

As Alana Taylor puts it, Twitter satisfies “the selfishness of being famous, the greed of wanting instant results, the need to speak and be heard, the freedom and equality in being able to take part in a conversation no matter your economic or social status”.

So, if everyone is on Twitter for their own benefit, then is there an extremely attractive ROI from it? I think there are other ways to build your brand in a more tangible and meaningful way. It’s one that may not garner you Twitter followers, but it’s one that will expand your network of people who have had more memorable experiences that cut through the clutter of noise on the web.

Network by doing


What a concept! It speaks for itself, but it’s simplicity is the core of it’s power. By getting involved and taking action, you will create incredible relationships that have amazing value. The relationships you can create by taking action will far exceed any Twitter relationship you can make. What are some ways to make this happen?

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Israel’s test with Social Media


As a dual American-Israeli citizen, and someone who works very closely in the social media and technology space, I wanted to discuss the fact that Israel is now the first country to start updating the public through Twitter updates.  (For those not familiar with Twitter, please read here)

On December 30th, Israel held a full press conference using the tool under the name @IsraelConsulate.  As with the concept of web 2.0 in general, opening up your brand to the mass public is seen as an extremely risky proposition for many.

When we launched Bazaarvoice, big brands were terrified of opening up the lines of communication with customers.  What if customers bashed our products?  What if customers didn’t like us?  These were the questions we heard on a daily basis.

At the end of the day, the brands who opened up to customers won.  Besides the fact that brands that opened up ended up seeing higher sales as a result, they were also able to listen, process, and respond to the conversations that were already taking place on the web.

This is certainly the case for any Government out there.  Every Government gets talked about, and no Government is perfect.   The Israeli Government is no exception as their actions have been one of the most scrutinized in modern history.  I think it is a brave step for Israel and one that will continue to pay off.

Instead of ignoring the conversations that are happening, Israel now has the ability to listen and react to the opinion of the world.   Sure they will encounter differing opinions and potentially hateful remarks, but the truth is that these conversations were already happening.   Social media gives them the tool to recognize what is being said and by whom.

I certainly expect others to follow in Israel’s steps, and while I’m not always proud of Israel’s policies, I’m very proud of them opening up their brand.

I’ve Joined Twitter

Last month at SXSW, I met Andy Baio, founder of Upcoming.  He told me about all the great benefits of Twitter and how I had to be on it. I was SO skeptical.  Why would you or anyone else care what other people were doing at any given moment?

Andy gave me a quick demo of how it worked and it really clicked.  At SXSW, thousands of tech-junkies using Twitter were updating their statuses on where the hottest parties were, who was speaking where, and even updating the Mark Zuckerberg debacle as it was going down.  I was very impressed and told myself I’d join when I found the time.

I’ve found the time now and have already officially started to send Twits.  Is that what it’s called?  Either way, once I get the lingo down, I’m sure it will be helpful for Personal Branding and really giving people the opportunity to get to know me on a much deeper and personal level.