Finish Strong

I received great advice the other day from my friend and boss, Brant Barton. “Finishing strong is more important than how you start”. It took me a while to really understand how true his advice was.  Common wisdom says you need to make a good first impression. First impressions leave a lasting memory, right? Even […]

The Art of Preparation

My football coach in High School used to preach that the way we practiced was the way we’d play in games. Football taught me a great deal about discipline and work ethic, and it certainly taught me about preparation. While I don’t play football anymore, I do give presentations, speak at meetings, meet new people, […]

Your Thought Patterns

We’ve all heard the scenario.  Two witnesses observe the same event, yet recall completely different accounts of what really happened.  The two witnesses have two different lenses which with they see the world.  They have different states of minds, different prejudices, and different lives.  We are all witnesses and observers, but at times, it’s hard […]

My 2 Year Anniversary and iPod Touch

My girlfriend and I are celebrating our two year anniversary this Thursday, but last night she surprised me with a gift a little earlier than expected.  I got home from a trip to New Orleans awaiting Apple’s new iPod Touch.  Now as excited as I was, I realized one of two things; she was either […]

Attitude is Contagious!

Attitude is Contagious! -John Maxwell Attitude 101 ———————- This is one of my new favorite quotes.  I picked up this 100 page book by John Maxwell and and was instantly hooked when he related attitude to basketball.  I know from personal experience that even the worse player on a team can be the spark-plug that […]