It’s not only the Presentation

There has been a ton of advice given on how to give a presentation, how to design your slides when giving a presentation, and what captures an audience’s attention. For Personal Branding, giving a presentation is like steroids for your career. When giving a presentation, you are the center of everyone’s attention. You have the […]


Dressing the Part

To follow up Tony Capasso’s guest post, I thought I’d share this study from Sports Psychologist Iain Greenlees covered by Lauren Aaronson. This goes without saying, but in any situation that you are in, dressing the part is half the battle. Not only does dressing appropriately help you feel more confident in a given situation, […]

The Bases of Advocacy

I recently took a 2 day seminar taught by world-renowned Communications professor, Dr. John Daly.  It was one of the best courses I’ve ever taken in my life.  We learned about advocacy, business communication, and persuasion.   Throughout the entire course, Dr. Daly had the entire room at the edge of our seats, completely engaged.    Advocacy is getting […]

My Brother’s Trip to the Job Fair

My brother Jacob  recently asked me for advice concerning a job fair he was going to attend at The University of Texas at Austin.  Jacob is a Senior getting ready to graduate next May, but unlike many college seniors, has much less to worry about than most.  He runs his own very successful design studio which he’ll […]