My May Challenge: Flipping a House

Maybe my most ambitious project to date, I’m taking some of my down time to flip a house.   Here are the before pictures.    The house is in an upcoming neighborhood in Austin, but needs a lot of work to get into flip or renting shape. Stay tuned for the after pics.   Advertisements

What I’m Reading: Shoe Dog

I’m taking a break from my science fiction tear that I’ve been on this year to read Shoe Dog.  I’ve tried avoiding most business books, but do read the ones that end up making it through the clutter and have enough personal recommendations. Books like The Hard Thing About Hard Things make all other business […]

The 1/9/90 Rule is the New 80/20

When I worked at Bazaarvoice there was a yardstick we used to explain communities.   1/9/90 rule.   1% of people create, 9% participate, and 90% consume or lurk. The 1% of people who create tend to get the spoils of all creation.   Another 9% tend to participate but never create their own voices. […]

Tips on choosing a co-founder

   If you’ve never worked with that person before, take it for a test run.  No need to jump in until you can figure out if you have a good working relationship  Are you mentally on the same level?   Think this is an important one.   I think there needs to be a mutual […]

What I’m Currently Reading:

I’m currently reading the second book of the Red Rising Trilogy, The Golden Son.   I wrote about how much I liked the first book of the trilogy and finally getting around to the second part of the story. I liken the trilogy to a guy version of the Hunger Games. I’ve been listening to […]