June Challenge, June 2nd – June 8th Log

My June challenge is 30 straight days of met-cons/cardio.

Here are the workouts and results from the week of June 2nd through June 8th.

June 2nd:  4 rounds for time of 21 calorie run, 18 wall ball, 15 KB swings, 12 burpees.
Result: 16:21

June 3rd: 5 rounds for points (minute row for calories, minute 75lb power snatch, minute box jumps, minute rest)
Result: 273 Points

June 4th: 3 rounds for time of 115×20 front squat, 100 jumping jacks
Result: 10:27 (This one really sucked)

June 5th:  5 rounds for time (6,9,12, of 95lb high pulls, Half cleans, pull-ups)
Result: 9:15

June 6th: For time, 21-15-9, 225lb deadlift, push-ups, 200m run
Result: 8:45

June 7th: For time 5 rounds of 12 40lb DBs push press, 20 box jumps
Result: 7:35

June 8th:  For time, 5 rounds of 25 air squats, 15 pushups
Result: 5:30