The 1/9/90 Rule is the New 80/20

When I worked at Bazaarvoice there was a yardstick we used to explain communities.   1/9/90 rule.   1% of people create, 9% participate, and 90% consume or lurk.

The 1% of people who create tend to get the spoils of all creation.   Another 9% tend to participate but never create their own voices.   They typically thrive on criticism vs. creation.   Some of them are positive supporters, but many of them are also the negative commenters.

The vast majority of people lie in the 90%.

This is also the case with consumer business analytics.  We saw the 1/9/90 rule play out more aggressively than the Pareto principle of 80/20.  1% of users cause most of the issues.   1% of users are the power users.

In the creation economy, 1/9/90 is more relevant.