Tips on choosing a co-founder


  1.  If you’ve never worked with that person before, take it for a test run.  No need to jump in until you can figure out if you have a good working relationship
  2.  Are you mentally on the same level?   Think this is an important one.   I think there needs to be a mutual respect for the intellectual horsepower.
  3.   Are you ready to work equally hard on the idea?
  4.   Do your due diligence on what they’ve done in the past and what kind of integrity the person has.  Anyone can make a good first impression.
  5.  Ideally you’ve worked with the person before.  That solves a lot of the above.
  6.  Share the same values as your partner.
  7.   What is your co-founder’s main goals professionally and with the company?  Is it a billion dollar business?  Is it a lifestyle business?  Get on the same page