Make Public Promises, Let Your Ego Do The Rest

I’ve seen a drastic difference in how many of my goals are hit that I make publicly known to friends, family, and employees, and investors rather than goals that I keep to myself.

One of the biggest human motivations is the fear of letting down our social circle.  Of coming up short when everyone is watching.

So, how can you make everyone actually watch?

My favorite path to doing this is email.  Email your friends, family, investors, customers and anyone else who will listen about what you are going to do.   Follow up regularly letting them know if you hit those goals or fell short.   Trust me, you won’t want to write an email saying you fell short of a goal.  It’s against our human nature.

Now whether you decide its better to state these goals in person, video, social media, etc, it really doesn’t matter.  Tap into the human fear of being rejected and or a failure in your village.

You will get off your ass.