My Personal Goal for April

Those of you have known me for a while know that I like to tackle personal challenges in addition to my business endeavors.

In January, I went without complaining all month.

In February, I attempted the 8:00 mile which was a two minute improvement to my initial mile test.

In March, I did 31 days of sharp clean eating and ended up losing 8 pounds.

This month, I am tackling the Spanish language with a goal of studying over 30 hours.   Why Spanish?

  1.  I am from Laredo, TX where not knowing Spanish was not only embarrassing, but also kept me from meeting and knowing so many good people.
  2. There have been too many times in my life where knowing Spanish would have made life a lot easier.  Cleaners, mowers, workers, etc
  3. I’m mostly tired, of putting this one off for so long of a period of time

Like my other challenges, the goal is mostly to kick start a habit than anything else.  Already in a few days of starting the challenge, I’ve found that I was making the simplest of errors for years!

In 30 days of straight studying in Spanish, my goal is to aim to continually improve to a point where I can speak simply, but with correct grammar.

I am also hoping to continue my learnings post this challenge to evolve into reading books, listening to songs (and know what they mean), as well as watch movies.

I know that’s more than can be accomplished in 30 days, so this challenge is really a kickstart into the right habits.