Entrepreneurs & Autonomy

Most people who become entrepreneurs because they have an innate confidence in their judgement about the world.   Most of us don’t like to be forced in seeing the world through other people’s lenses.

Some people are born into seeing things differently, but others recognize their abilities later.  Maybe they’re working under people who they see as incompetent.  Maybe they think they can do the job better than any of their bosses.

This is the type of confidence that pushes people to become their own bosses.

What I found in acquiring businesses that came with entrepreneurs as their heads, is that the most important aspect of keeping those entrepreneurs happy and motivated was leaving them alone.   After all, it’s the autonomy itself that led them to lead those businesses and become entrepreneurs.

It’s the ONLY thing entrepreneurs really care about.   It’s why people like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Evan Spiegel of Snapchat aim to retain voting control of their companies.   Without autonomy, they’d rather be doing ANYTHING else.