Anxiety is Momentum

For some, anxiety is paralyzing.  Some people might spend too much time worrying about the wrong issues when they are anxious.  But reframing anxiety as a positive is critical if you are starting your own business because anxiety becomes a constant emotion in the ups and downs of any business.

The opposite of anxiety is contentedness and contentedness really is another word for standstill.

Anxiety is motion.  The only way to scratch the itch of anxiety is to attack with aggression.  The best people use anxiety to their advantage.

For a long time, I used to think that once I sold my company, Perk, I’d slow things down and the anxiety would wane, but instead I’ve found that the anxiety persists, telling me I must stay in motion.  As they say, an object at rest stays at rest while an object in motion stays in motion.

Do you feel a fire in your belly?  That’s fuel telling you to move.