Playing the Long Game

Long term success comes from establishing the right strategies and habits over long periods of time.

That said, much more progress can be made in short periods of time through sprints.  If at work, ruling with fear or pushing your resources too hard can have a good short term payoff.   It can be addicting just like seeing a crash diet can be addicting when you see the pounds quickly strip off.

However in the long term, short term pushes don’t stick.  The weight comes back on.  People tire.  And what’s left are the strategies and habits that have been established early on.  If those are not addressed, no short term push can solve your problems over long periods of time.

Good strategies and habits don’t need to change frequently.  A good strategy is something that can typically be followed for years or decades because normal is going down the right path.

Take a step back.  Play the long game.