My 7 Books Read in February

Here is my February Reading List:

Sirens of Titan – Early Vonnegut.  Actually one of the few Vonnegut books I hadn’t read yet.  Did not disappoint.

The Lean Startup – There is a lot of great information in this book on how to properly think about starting a company.  I wish this book was around 7 years ago when I was starting Perk.  As somebody who has started and run my own company, a lot of the information felt obvious, but I could see how a first time entrepreneur could benefit immensely by it.

Fuzzy Nation – This was my first Scalzi book I’ve ever read.  This book rocked my world and I quickly read a few other books by him.

Old Man’s War – Another book by Scalzi.  Different than Fuzzy Nation, but I found I liked this one equally to Fuzzy Nation.

The Android’s Dream – A third book I read in a row by Scalzi.   Was my least favorite of the bunch.  I’ll be reading the sequels to Old Man’s War next.

Red Rising – First of a trilogy.  Did my full review here.

Snow Crash – A classic by Neal Stephenson.  I could tell how ahead of its time it was, but I wasn’t a big fan.  Have had a lot of people urge me to read other Stephenson books, but I’ll hold off for now.