Who are the Freshman of Life?

Ages 23-24 are some of the toughest for young adults.  Their entire lives are spent in our school system with a very clear directive on their next steps in life.    Kids focus on the next test and getting to the next grade.

When they graduate from school, all of a sudden there is no structure.  They can do anything.  No one is testing them.  There is no next grade.  No one to tell them what comes next.

It’s a scary feeling and many feel like a free fall.

While I’m a big proponent of the start-up life and entrepreneurship, I’ve found that entry level employees straight out of school are probably best suited to start their careers in a big company where they can transition to the real world a bit easier.

The startup world is tough.  It’s as uncertain as the real world and new graduates can feel doubly shocked by the transition.

They are truly freshman of the real world and start to understand what it really means to “grow up” and be responsible for their own course in life.

Its also why there are major critics of the school system which doesn’t prepare kids to deal with the real world.   While no system is perfect, there is no doubt that we can better prep our children for the new freshman-hood that they are bound to face far in advance of this experience.