Fresh Starts vs. Baggage

Baggage exists.

Sometimes you’re in a relationship with someone where there is so much history, it’s almost impossible to not take harmless actions as vitriol.

The same thing happens in companies.   Sometimes employees have been through a lot.  Acquisitions, friends coming and going, or a lack of growth opportunities.   With no change in employee base, those changes can take their toll.

What’s interesting is that all that history to a new employee never existed.  New hires come in with a fresh set of eyes and new motivations.

That new blood can be critical for a company that needs to be reinvigorated.  Same can be said for an employee who has been through a lot who may need their own fresh start.

New blood can help everybody in an organization.  Or if you’re married and you want a fresh start, think about changing up your schedule.  Do something new.  Try a new hobby and ultimately get out of the “loops” that cause the baggage behaviors.

Where are you in your life?   Do you have too much baggage?  Do you need a fresh start of your own?