How to Build a Strong Perspective

Some of the best thinkers and leaders I’ve met all seem to have strong perspectives through their lives.  They hate or they love things.  They certainly don’t “sorta like this and sorta don’t like that. ”

Some of this trait is innate, but a lot of it can be developed.   The first time I ever managed people, I got a glimpse of this, because I had to make calls on whether people were performing or whether people were failing.   You can’t tiptoe when it’s about someone’s job.   Black or white is a necessity for everyone at stake.

In sales, the best sales people are like holy ministers.  They preach the gospel.  They BELIEVE!   Belief that their product is the best.  Their company.   Their ability.   They are converted believers and have a STRONG perspective about their mission.

For sales people who aren’t believers or can’t be believers, its almost inevitable they will fail.   That’s not to say you can’t be a skeptic, but you better be 100% skeptic and never sell that product or work for that company, not a tip toer who can’t make a decision.

When you start your own company, you spend thousands of hours per year and multiple years telling your story to customers, investors, employees, and potential hires.  You have a MUST build a strong perspective on your products, your industry, your abilities as a company, your competitors, and why you are doing the things you are.

Writing for me has been another avenue to exercise that muscle.   I personally write in a journal and blog both.  Daily.

One of the best things I’ve done to develop perspective has been to immediately write thoughts and strong opinions as they enter my mind on my phone so I won’t forget them.  This gives me a seed of thought to explore.

For those who think strong perspectives are snap judgements, perspectives don’t need to be gut calls.  They can be well thought out, but you need to give yourself the ability and time to gather the data and the reasoning.  But once you do, you must be willing to defend that reasoning and persecute with it.