Study your personal patterns

We all have patterns that direct our life without even knowing it.   It’s why we end up near the same types of people and in similar situations in our lives over and over.  Psychotherapists are trained to help identify and point out those patterns because before you can change your future, you must understand your history.

We don’t necessarily need psychotherapists in many cases.  We just need to be aware.  Aware of the situations we are in now and ones in our past.

Once you identify similarities, you can start to dig into why certain things happen and then try to avoid those in the future.

One way I like to do this is to write.  I make a habit of writing daily for my personal purposes and in that writing, I give myself different exercises such as “tell a story from your childhood” or “what’s the funniest thing that has ever happened to me?”.   By doing these types of exercises and understanding your own narratives, it’s much easier to identify situations and ways of viewing the world that either benefit you or harm you.

Without any type of exercise to delve deeper, you don’t get to spend enough introspective time with yourself.

Find the time.  It pays off.