Fun Ideas for Startups

A few ideas have popped into my head recently as things more startups (including my own) should think about.  Probably many more, but wanted to get some of these ideas out there.  Any ideas of your own that can make your company culture unique?

Create your own holidays – National holidays are great, but often times they lose a lot of meaning for the people getting those days off.   President’s Day & Columbus Day?   Those are lame compared to your startups birthday and the day after Superbowl.

Company Yearbooks – Why are these for grade school only?  Company year books allow you to weave your company culture into collectibles that you can look back to in the future to capture the spirit of the company.

Company or Department Videos – We did these at an early startup, Bazaarvoice.   Nothing gets people more juiced than to see themselves on camera and showing off their work and humor to the rest of the company