Take a break from your calendar

When you run your own business or are an executive of a company, you quickly realize how much a calendar is critical for keeping things in order and making sure things don’t fall off your radar.

As an executive, your days are booked from morning to evening and any unscheduled time quickly gets filled in by fires, requests, and other work that falls through the cracks for everyone else.

All of that structure takes focus and effort and without them, it’s clear that we’d be a blind man in a forrest.

All that structure is valued, but it can take a toll.  It’s why personally, I do value my weekends as unstructured time.   That time is spent in a variety of ways whether taking some time with the family or getting work done for the coming week, but the most important thing for me has been taking a breather from a hard and fast schedule.  In other words, it’s a calendar break.

Calendar breaks don’t have to be on the weekends only.  They are incredibly valuable during the week if you have an employer who is flexible in you taking WFH days.  I’ve found I can cut a lot of the clutter by cutting out unsolicited meetings to let the mind self prioritize without blocks of times, calls, and meetings getting in the way.

If you’re Type A and this sounds like you, give it a shot.  It may just be liberating.