When you’ve stalled is when the work really begins.

This is a quote I recently used in The Magic of Pushing Through.   This quote resonated with me as I was writing it because it is so easy to be motivated, keep going, get excitement from those around you when things are going well.  When things are going up and to the right, people are happy, they’re positive, they’re high fiving.  Of course you keep going.  Time to keep the party alive!

But, when things aren’t going great… When they are stalled or worse declining, is when people stop partying.   It’s the time when you separate the bandwagoners from the super-fans.  Real work does get done.  Better questions get asked.  It’s time to concentrate instead of spend the extra time playing ping pong.

As leaders, our job is to push through.  Focus and concentrate.  If you have the right recipe, support system, people, and processes typically you’re close.  It takes time, but you will get there.

Real work occurs when the pressure is on.