March Challenge

In February, I hit my goal of reducing my mile run time under 8 minutes and shaving over 2 minutes from my time in 3 weeks.

It was a short month, so I knew that was a tough time constraint.

March is a long month.  31 days.  It seems fitting to make this month’s challenge something that would be difficult to do in 31 days.

So far, I’ve done a self constraint goal and fitness goal.   It seems fitting to add in a diet goal especially in a long month.  While these challenges are typical, it’s something I recognize is an important habit to improve.

Because, I love donuts.  And pizza.  And bread.  With butter.  Oh, lots of butter.

You’d think that in a month where my challenge was to run a faster mile, the goal itself would end in weigh loss and better overall body composition.  But in reality, I didn’t lose a pound!

Most likely this is due to an increase in calories and my own rationalization that I should carb up the night before.  Ha.

This month, my challenge will be to eat strict all month.

What does that mean?   In short, I will be doing Slow Carb for a full month without cheating once.  I will be measuring progress and all consumption on MyFitnessPal.  I will also need to hit less than 2000 calories per day and get enough protein at 180g of protein per day.

Easy to do for a day.  Even a week.  But for me?  A month is a long time.  It makes me a boring friend and husband.  I can no longer steal snacks from my daughter.

This one is probably the hardest goal I could put in front of myself.  This is the biggest nod to my favorite virtue, self discipline.

Let’s see how it goes.  Who’s joining me?