Whether to Rest or to Run

It is common knowledge that rest helps us recover.  It helps us come back strong.  It’s common knowledge that we take a breather before our next set and rest days to recover between hard days of work.

In business, this same logic applies.  People take time off.  They spend time with their families, travel, and take sabbaticals.

I must have issues.

The counter advice that I seem to live my life by, even if I do so with some envy, is that an object at rest stays at rest.  It’s much harder to get something moving again if it has no momentum.

I’m all for short rest periods, but longer rest periods like a sabbatical seem like an awful idea.   When I’ve done that in the past with my workouts, getting back to the gym is so much harder.  I’ve never done it at work, but can imagine the same sort of lethargy taking over.

I’m a believer in active rest.   Active rest in exercise is when instead of taking a full day off of doing nothing, you go for a light walk or stretch instead of a rigorous gym session.  In essence, you’re still practicing the HABIT of showing up and preparing.

This allows the act of coming into the gym the next day that much easier.

Can we stop talking about sabbaticals, retirement, and far off adventures and start thinking about keeping our tools sharp and minds ready?