“Your day job is your homework”

“Your day job won’t make you rich.  It’s your homework.”  – Daymond John

My parents were entrepreneurs.  I saw their business go under.  It was a tough time in our lives.  I was 12.

I loved seeing my parents as their own bosses as a kid, showing up to their store, and seeing them in control.  But as their business crashed, a part of my own entrepreneurial dreams went down as well.   Maybe the American dream was the American nightmare?   I’d seen it first hand!

Years later, I remember starting my first job at a startup.  I was working for someone else, but I saw the same flicker of fire that burned in my parents eyes.   Together we took the world on and we won.  It was an incredible journey to learn how to build a company and succeed.

That re-sparked the entrepreneurial fire inside me.

I knew what I had to do, and I had wonderful lessons to bring with me.   As the advice reads, you don’t get rich working for others.  You can have a great living and if that’s your goal, you will always do fine.  If you have the desire to have your own business, you can learn so much in your day job.   Don’t let it waste, because the time will fly by anyways.  I guarantee if your goal is to be a student, you will be more curious and provide more to your job than you thought possible.

Never stop learning.