February Goal Hit

I’ve reduced my mile time by over 2 minutes in 3 weeks.   My major February goal was to get my mile time under 8 minutes.  A lot of research shows that a man getting their mile run time under 8 minutes is a major health indicator to man’s chances of dying of heart disease.

I finally hit under 8 minutes.   Not a big deal for a lot of people, but those people haven’t seen me run.  I’m a gimp.  A gorilla.  Not meant to be in stride.

But.  It is amazing how much improvement can be made in just 3 weeks of concentrated effort.  I think that has been the major revelation in 2 months of challenges.  A lot is achievable in short periods of time with concentrated effort.

10 more months of challenges to go.  January down.  February down.  Let’s see what’s in store.