Starting a Business is a Commitment

When starting your first company, it’s really easy to not think about the fact that God forbid you find a bit of success, you will be working at your company for YEARS.  5, 10, or 20+ years is a possibility.

It’s a commitment.  And you must be equally passionate about the idea and the people around you in order to commit that much time to an idea.

A lesson I’ve learned and that I am taking into the future is understanding that whatever business lies ahead of me is most likely a 5-10 year commitment.    That is a huge chunk of my life.

I recently met another entrepreneur in Austin who also sold his first company and was echoing my sentiment that he wanted to take some time to think.   He also understood the level of effort, spirit, and sweat required to put in years of service and he didn’t want to choose something haphazardly.

That said, I’m not a believer in decision paralysis.  One thing me and my co-founder did with Perk, was that we started with a labs environment and allowed ourselves the freedom to think and build, but we didn’t rush all at once to the first idea that came up.   Perk only came up several years into our existence.

Give yourself space and flexibility to learn and to get curious.