Don’t Skimp on Hiring

My first company I ever started was Perk which recently was sold.  It was about a 6-7 year journey from beginning to end.  While I have hundreds of lessons learned in that time, one of the most important was hiring.

Don’t skimp on the hiring process – One of my first jobs out of college was at Bazaarvoice, a place known for brutal hiring processes.  I was early enough an employee that I got hired without needing to go through that process.  It was before that had begun.   Had I needed to, there is no doubt I would have never been hired.

I had felt at the time that when that process was established that they would overlook employees like me.   The process worked no doubt.  We built a great company.  But there was an everlasting feeling inside me that we were missing good hires.

I was wrong.

Fast forward to Perk and we made a lot of mistakes along the way and hiring was one of the biggest.  It was only later that we were more aggressive and scrutinizing.  The quality of our work and workplace improved and overtime we got to be better at the process.

Even towards the end of our journey as an independent company, making sure that our managers, employees, and company culture understood the value of a good hiring process was difficult.

It’s harder to change bad habits than to start with good ones.

But it’s never too late to start.