“Freedom is expensive”

This is a quote from Red Rising that really resonated with me because it is true in many senses of the term.   It also reminds me of the old fable:

“A WOLF, meeting a big, well-fed Mastiff, having a wooden collar about his neck, inquired of him who it was that fed him so well, and yet compelled him to drag that heavy log about wherever he went. The master, he replied. Then said the Wolf: May no friend of mine ever be in such a plight; for the weight of this chain is enough to spoil the appetite.”

Freedom has its toll.  It leaves you hungry and malnourished.  It leaves you without some of the luxuries that you may have when you have a master.   For some, the pain is not worth it.

For others like the Wolf, it’s the only way.   The collar is heavy..