Power of Lists

I’m Adam and I’m a listaholic.   Yes, it’s true.   I’ve taken the drug and I can never come back.  I create personal lists, work lists, bucket lists, monthly lists, weekly lists, daily lists, and even annual lists.

Why lists?   Here are my top reasons for keeping lists.

  1.  Play offense, not defense – most people let the activities of their day or life take over the majority of their time.   Or at work, let email inboxes manage them vs. managing their day.  Lists allow you to go on the OFFENSE instead of defense
  2.  Efficiency – In a given day, when I create the complete list of everything I need to do and I start down that list, I can typically do 80% of my work for that day in 20% of the time.   It’s only when time is wasted on other items such as email, impromptu meetings, and other low importance tasks that you’re halfway through your day without having gotten anything important on your list accomplished
  3.  Stay more organized – This one is obvious.   Getting lists together allows you to not only organize the most important aspects of your life, but gives you a model in order to prioritize your job/life.   If someone asks you what you need to do that day or what your priority is, your list is handy to ensure you’re not missing anything.
  4.  Remember Things – One of the most important reasons for lists is that we all forget things.   There have been days where I’ve put a list together, forgot to reference it and thought I was done for the day.  When I got back to my list, I almost inevitably notice that there are things on the list that I forgot about completely.   Use lists to help you recall the things you know are important and are probably better off doing today vs. delaying.