Review of Birddogs

I do not have dancer legs.   I was born with what many would call thunder thighs.  Tree trunk legs.   Name your poison.

It wasn’t my fault.  My Mom was backside would make J. Lo jealous.  I guess you could say, I get it from my Mama.

The challenge as a man has been that wearing bathing suits or going for a run almost always ended up with a rash and a grumpy afternoon.

Enter Birddogs.

They are a new breed of shorts trying to become the Lululemon for men.  Great idea.  Their marketing is fairly douchey, but I guess its tolerable given that its done tongue in cheek.   I wanted to give them a shot as one of their product features was that they have spandex like liner that allows you to wear the shorts without underwear but also protects my legs from a gnarly chafe.

I started with one pair to try working out with and they seem to be perfect for everything from Crossfit to an aggressive run.  I have not taken them to the beach yet, but no doubt I will be taking them with me when I hit the sand.   No more weird mesh liner making me stop walking for 3 days.

If you’re anything like me, these are highly recommended.