My Tool for Self Management

We started using Asana at Perk several years ago, primarily for project management and product management capabilities.

As a business user and not a product manager or developer, my use for it quickly became a way to track technical work related to revenue driving development projects and to provide feedback where necessary when something from a partner or customer was a roadblock for the development process.

Around that time, I also started using Asana to manage my own personal task list for the business and soon after decided to get my own account to manage my daily journaling, task list, house, health, reading and other personal missions.

A lot of people use different tools, but if you’re looking for something new to try out, I highly suggest it.

Moving my management from paper to digital wasn’t easy at first.  I was a paper and pen kind of guy for a long time.   The biggest selling point for me was the search functionality and the logic behind knowing that I have an archived set of information to reference whenever I want.