I’m done with business books

They all go the same way and I’m tired of them.   Somehow, I always get duped into reading a business book.  I’ll hear from friends and colleagues that I MUST read the new business book flavor of the month.

I’ll avoid it for several months knowing that it’ll probably disappoint me.

Month go by and I don’t have a better next book to begin.   I give in.

Then I start the business book and BAM the first 20 pages are great.  I agree with what’s being presented, it’s novel, and I like the re-frame.

Wait, there are another another 200 pages left?   What the hell is left to say?  They follow the same model.

Here’s an idea.

Here are 10 stories that help illustrate my point.

The end.

A reminder that I really don’t need to read any management or business books.  Business books are more often than not made to be essays or articles.   Not all information is meant to be told in a book.