My February Challenges

I wrote earlier in the week about my January challenge and the thinking about what I want to do in February.  February is an interesting month.  It’s the shortest month of the year and it’s also my birthday month.   Therefore February has the ability to either be an easy month, or if the challenge is to master a skill in a short period of time, has the ability to be the hardest month.

In January I tackled one big challenge with a No Complaint Challenge.  This was a challenging one not only because of the difficulty of not having a negative mindset but also challenging in that it’s a tough one to gauge and measure.

In the process of putting together a list of challenge ideas in December, I realized that I naturally started to knock other challenges off my list in January vs. delaying them for other months.

One example of a challenge I had set aside for later in the year was to start a newsletter.  Check.

I had another to start blogging again regularly.  As of last week, check.

Another goal was to start daily meditation.  Did that too.

Daily journaling of gratitude.  Check.

Read aggressively.   I’ve now read more books in January than I did in all 0f 2016.   My actual goal is 50 books.  I’m now at 12.   I may have to raise that target!

All this is to say that I’m discovering that a lot more is achievable in a short period of time by writing these goals down and tackling them.

Is one goal too few?

For February, I’m going to attempt something which might turn into a massive failure.  I’m going to attempt to set 3 challenges.  One easy, one medium, and one hard.

For the easy challenge:  Write Daily Affirmations.  A lot of science behind this that shows this isn’t as new age as it seems.  This one seems easy.  Going to add this as my easy challenge, but something that I can see myself getting value from immediately.

For my medium difficulty challenge:  Stretch 15 minutes per day.   This one is probably easy for a lot of folks.  After all, all you need to do is spend 15 minutes a day touching your toes.  Cake right?  Well, you might not know me that well if you think this one is easy.  Ever since I was a little boy, I’ve been naturally the least flexible kid in class.   I’ve avoided stretching all my life.  It’s been one of those pesky things that I know are good for me, but I’ve avoided worse than Dengue in South Asia.  In other words, getting me to stretch in the past has been a MAJOR chore or worse.  It’s been like taking me to the dentist’s office and drilling my teeth without sedation.   I am actually fairly excited and terrified by this goal and hopeful that I can learn to love this labor of fear and pain.

For my hard challenge, I’m going to attempt to run a 8 minute mile.   Now, if there’s only one thing in this world I can think of that I hate more than stretching… it’s running.  Holy shit, you’ve never seen me run.  I look like an ape who’s drunk too much wine.   This challenge works with my stretching goal, and goddamn it, probably my affirmations goal as well.

I may have run the mile twice in my life.  Don’t think I ever broke 9 minutes let alone getting to 8 or in the 7’s.   This one will be a challenge for me and doing so in a shortened month will make the challenge that more difficult.

I know nothing about running and I have very little practice.  Therefore, I’m going to need a lot of preparation to get me to a place where I can get even close to tackling this goal.  Let’s get it done!