Monthly Challenges – January

Something I wanted to do for a long time was giving myself a monthly challenge.  Every year, come January 1st, I was putting a list of annual goals I had down on paper.  Inevitably, most of those goals could be accomplished quite quickly.  Even losing 20 lbs could be done in a month or two with some extreme measures.  While that would have made my life harder, there’s something interesting about how our minds procrastinate and allow ourselves wiggle room when goals have extended timelines.

This year, even though I’ve kept the traditional of setting my annual goals in tact, I’ve added a new addition.  The introduction of the monthly challenge.

My goal has been humble.  Pepper in monthly challenges alongside my annual goals in an attempt to set goals with tighter deadlines.   The hypothesis is that I can accomplish some of my annual goals in much less time than I think.   I can also use this time to tackle different items on my list of “nice to haves” that I would avoid otherwise.

For January, the goal I set for myself has been to avoid complaining for the entire month.  It’s been an interesting experiment in that I’ve noticed that there is more of a gray scale than black & white when it comes to complaining.   Instead of this goal being a binary yes or no, I’ve understood that the goal has centered around the consciousness I have towards my thoughts.

And while I’ve been monitoring my thoughts much more consciously, it’s still a difficult one to measure.   It’s a system vs. a goal.

My goal with the introduction of monthly challenges is to accomplish more every year than I would without the challenges.  It’s difficult to measure what you haven’t accomplished in years past, but I will attempt as subjectively as possible to measure success by health markers, wealth markers, free time, and wisdom.

Stay tuned to get updated on these journeys.