Self Management

The hardest person in the world to manage is yourself.   It’s the struggle I face constantly.

I’ll give myself an order.  “Eat clean today!”.   But my subconscious will say, “Ha.  Whatever.  I know the boss.  He’ll be fine if I eat this cinnamon roll!”.

That privileged prick thinks he can get away with anything since he knows the boss!

I think of myself as a good manager, but the hardest person in the world to get in line first is yourself.   Self discipline and figuring out the right form of rewards & punishment are a delicate act.

I knew that my own improvements in different facets of my life would only come if I first focused on controlling myself.  If I didn’t, then I’d be a slave to the class clown that lives deep down inside me.   The heckler Adam who likes to sit in the back of the class and crack jokes whenever I put out an order for myself or others.

He’s the best critic.  The best heckler.   And that’s been one of my secret weapons to be able to make progress with managing myself and others.  First get your own class clown in line.   That’s the hardest and the best place to begin.