Passion = Fetish

Our society has an obsession with asking us to follow our passion.  We inevitably get questions like, “What’s your passion?”.   “If you had a billion dollars, what would you do”.

For those who are passionate about one thing, those questions are easy.  “I’d ski every day!”. ” I’d mountain bike!”.  “I’d spend all my time in philanthropy.”

If you are not particularly passionate about one thing, you’re probably like me in that you do anything to avoid answering these questions.   It’s not that I don’t enjoy anything.  In fact, its the opposite.  Curiosity is a trait of mine that I adore.  I’m interested in a variety of subjects from health and wealth to Eastern philosophy and science fiction.   I like to shoot guns and learn about the histories of people from different regions from all over the world.   What’s wrong with liking a bunch of stuff, but not needing to be an expert at any one thing?

It’s called being well rounded.  Let’s just please call passion for what it is.  A fetish.