Ryan Paugh’s Interview of Me

This interview was conducted and posted by Ryan Paugh. If you are not subscriber of Ryan’s, I’d highly recommend checking out his writing.

When people ask you what your blog is about, what do you tell them?

That’s evolved over time. At first I used to say Personal Branding. After all, the majority of my content was centered around career and self-branding.

The ironic part is that I branded myself as a “Personal Branding Guy” when internally I felt I had more to offer to people. Not many people know that I was a Political Science major in college, that I grew up on the border with Mexico, or that I was a competitive powerlifter in high school.

I think now, I’m more focused on letting my blog be an extension of my full personality and life, so when people ask me what my blog is about, I tell them it’s about me.

You took some time off from blogging. Why did you take the time off, and what brought you back?

For one, I was extremely interested in expanding my blog beyond career and personal branding. While I love those topics, I felt like I was cheating when I wrote an article outside those topics. Around the time I was getting the urge to expand my writing, I also got a promotion, and had to focus intensely on getting up to speed with my new role. By the time I knew it, 6 months had passed. I knew it was time to re-launch.

Do you currently subscribe to other bloggers in the Brazen Community?

Adam in Napa after a little too much ripple
Adam in Napa after a little too much ripple

At this point, I subscribe to a lot of the founding Brazen crew. I follow folks like Tiffany Monhollon, Rebecca Thorman, Dan Schawbel, Andy Drish, Andre Blackman, Shama Hyder and Devin Reams. A couple of other contributors I like are Ryan Stephens and David Giesberg.

I love this video David Giesberg put together on social media and the 2008 Presidential Election. A lot of people focus on social media and business, but it’s great to see how social media also revolutionizes politics. Every future President will have to take note of how our generation uses social media.

What challenges in your real life inspire you to write on your blog?

Like Emily Stoddard mentioned last week, the big struggles are my struggles with time balance. Balancing my career, fitness, relationship, friends and family, and my writing can be challenging, but that’s what makes it fun to write.

Without challenges, we’d have nothing to share.

If your blog had a soundtrack what would it be?

Interesting question. I’m curious to hear what you or some of my readers would say.

If I had to choose a song, it’d have to be something that was fun, passionate, and something people could contribute and sing along to. For some reason, Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey comes to mind.


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