Joining Personal Branding Blog

I am very proud to announce that I have joined Personal Branding Blog as a weekly columnist.  This is an exciting opportunity for me and the five other bloggers who will be contributing on a weekly basis.

Today, and CNN chose their top job blogs which Personal Branding Blog was ranked #1.  Additionally, the blog will be syndicated to some great outlets like Hoovers, Fox Business,, and Reuters.

I will be contributing a weekly article set to publish every Saturday.  If you’re not a subscriber to Personal Branding Blog, you should subscribe here.  Additionally, if you’re not subscribing to my blog and are interested in checking out future articles, I’d suggest subscribing.

I will be joining five other very talented bloggers you should check out including:

  • Beverly Macy (Tuesday): Teaches social media marketing at UCLA and is the Co-Founder andpbbteam1 Managing Partner of Y&M Partners.
  • Paul Dunay (Wednesday): The Global Director of Integrated Marketing at BearingPoint, Inc.
  • Jonathan Burg (Thursday): A Senior Emerging Channels Specialist at Digitas, a world leading digital marketing and media agency.
  • Jacob Share (Friday): The founder and SVP of Share Select Media.
  • Katie Konrath (Sunday): She is a creativity specialist who helps companies come up with fresh new product and service ideas.

3 thoughts on “Joining Personal Branding Blog

  1. Hi Jen,

    Thanks for the comments!


    Excited about writing along side you–I think the group is fantastic. I’ll take a look at the problem and see why it’s displaying like that.


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