I’ve Joined Twitter

Last month at SXSW, I met Andy Baio, founder of Upcoming.  He told me about all the great benefits of Twitter and how I had to be on it. I was SO skeptical.  Why would you or anyone else care what other people were doing at any given moment?

Andy gave me a quick demo of how it worked and it really clicked.  At SXSW, thousands of tech-junkies using Twitter were updating their statuses on where the hottest parties were, who was speaking where, and even updating the Mark Zuckerberg debacle as it was going down.  I was very impressed and told myself I’d join when I found the time.

I’ve found the time now and have already officially started to send Twits.  Is that what it’s called?  Either way, once I get the lingo down, I’m sure it will be helpful for Personal Branding and really giving people the opportunity to get to know me on a much deeper and personal level.


5 thoughts on “I’ve Joined Twitter

  1. I have also joined Twitter and I love when people tweet! It keeps me up to date on friends without having to ask. If they end up near me, I meet them. Is this an entirely new counter culture where we emit friendship and wait to see who engages? Cool! Also, NPR tweets headlines to me a couple of times per day so I can choose the news I want to read in-depth!


  2. Hi Marsha & Amanda,

    Thanks for commenting. How do you guys typically use Twitter? I see people that follow hundreds if not thousands of people. How do you consume all that information? By phone? Online?


  3. yea I was super skeptic about twitter too… it seemed like the kind of thing that 10th grade girls would do between classes… honestly though, social media is a powerful marketing and personal branding tool that older generations are missing out on. ITS FREE!


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