How to get an e-mail response

In sales, it’s very important to know how to get someone to respond to your email. In fact, I think we could all use some advice on how to construct a proper email in order to get a good response. I’ve learned that there are a few essential rules to follow to get a good responses.

1. Have an interesting, relevant, and provoking subject line. My favorite subject lines are ones that ask the recipient a question. Anybody who keeps in regular contact with me is probably familiar with the subject lines “Connecting?”, “Touching Base?”, and “Available on 4/21?”. I like these because the recipient knows the purpose of the email without having to read it. When this is the case, people are more likely to open your email and more likely to respond, because their call to action is very clear.

2. Be brief. If you are sending an email with the hope of getting a response, you should say hi, give a quick update, and get to the point of why you’re emailing. People receive hundreds of emails a day. If you get to the point, people will reward you.

3. Be Persistent. People’s lives are just as hectic as yours. Most of the time, if you don’t get a response, it’s not because people hate you–they’re probably genuinely busy. Be pleasantly persistent and make yourself convenient. I’ve been thanked countless times for keeping on people and making sure we’re making progress.

Follow these simple rules and watch how things get accomplished more efficiently for you.


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