Just Be Candid

My grandmother is one of the most honest people I’ve ever met. How I could I ever forget the time I went to Hebrew School with my grandmother and heard her ask one of my friend’s mom if she was pregnant. She wasn’t.

Honesty can be brutal

Candor is one of the lost arts of Generation Y. Understandably, our lives are indexed by Google and we live in an era of sound bytes, but our generation is one of the most quiet generations in history. We are quiet when when we don’t get what we want, we are quiet when Bush goes and screws up our country, and we are often quiet when we simply disagree. We were taught to be way too nice. As Jack Welch would say, you don’t tell your Mom she makes bad Matzo Ball Soup.

In the book Winning, Jack Welch remarks that candor leads to efficiency. There’s no mulling around with bad employees, ideas, or numbers. If you’re candid, a bad idea gets washed out fast. Politically, it may be hard to be honest at first, but once people get thoughts in then open air and discuss them, a bad idea will get thrown out when it comes up rather than 6 months down the road when that idea you knew would fail has now cost your company lost dollars and hours.

Honesty is honest

Honesty is authentic. If you think about it, the most authentic people that you’ve ever met, are simply honest. They don’t hide their emotions and you can tell what they’re truly thinking.

Being honest also makes you confident. You’re willing to point out what sucks, what you like, and what is stupid, without having to worry. If the truth doesn’t scare you, then you really don’t care what other people think.

Isn’t that what true leadership needs? Generation Y leadership is a hot topic of discussion, but like I mentioned earlier, our generation is far too reserved. The majority are too politically correct and overly worried about what happens if you stick out. However, if we want true Generation Y leadership, then we have to have the confidence to tell it like it is.

It’s refreshing to meet honest people my own age, and I have no doubt in my mind, they will rise as the leaders. They are the ones to stand up with ideas. Isn’t that what leadership has been about throughout all of history? No matter how smart you are and how accomplished, the real leaders of tomorrow are going to be the ones who can be honest about the state of the world and are confident to speak their minds.

Challenge For Generation Y

My question to you is, do you have the guts to be honest?

While I’m not suggesting we should ban white lies, I’m saying we should use white lies few and far between. I gurantee, by being more honest, you will walk more confidently and meet more people. You will be more authentic and will get to the point of issues much quicker. I’m truly not saying to be mean, but hey, maybe my friend’s mom in Hebrew School did put on a few pounds here and there.


2 thoughts on “Just Be Candid

  1. I also find that people are more willing to come to me with ideas if they feel as though I am honest. You are trusted more if people think you wont bullshit with them.

    It is difficult at first, but once you start being honest with people it gets easier and easier until the point where you cant imagine doing otherwise.


  2. Good point. People will definitely trust you in your field if you are both an expert and honest. This is never more evident than with successful entrepreneurs. They are fearless when dissecting people’s business ideas.


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